- Holistic Health Counselor Tina Marian, R.N., B.S.N., EFT Practitioner

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Traditional Western Medical System is ready to treat any problems that arise in any of your “systems”. Be it your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, your skeletal system, your endocrine system. The list of systems goes on and on. Unfortunately, Traditional Western Medicine ignores one very important system. And that is your energy system. Your energy system is what powers up and thus integrates ALL of your other systems. Your energy system is your life force. Are you powered up? Are you plugged in? Are you connected or not?

How is your energy today? High? Low? Off? Not good? Instinctively you know. On an intuitive level, you understand that you are energy.  It is called by different names:  energy, chi, prana or spirit. It’s the force that supports your life. It’s the force that is breathing you. The truth is, you are a power house. Except you probably have never been reminded of this fact.

Quite to the contrary, you have been conditioned to believe that you are pretty powerless. That everything you need is outside of yourself. And that is just plain nonsense. I used to believe that. That was before I learned about the power of energy medicine.

When we have blocks in our energy system, we have symptoms of distress. Sometimes the symptoms are physical. Sometimes the symptoms are emotional. Sometimes we have spiritual blocks. In any case, when we are blocked we feel bad.

Enter a wonderful approach to unblocking those blocks. EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, a form of meridian tapping based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (yes, tapping with your fingers on certain points on the body) helps to release the blocks and thus create an improved sense of health and well being.

In 2006, I did not know a thing about energy medicine. But I needed something. I was led to EFT. It worked! And it worked so well, that I decided to dedicate my nursing career towards helping others realize their own healing potential. And the use of EFT is the vehicle!

I am now trained and qualified to assist you in your path to wellness with the use of EFT. I truly believe that the energy work is the missing PEACE in any approach to health and well being.