- Holistic Health Counselor Tina Marian, R.N., B.S.N., EFT Practitioner

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I was extremely impressed with Tina’s knowledge of the EFT technique and also moved by the way she interacted with our group and with individuals within our group. She is warm, genuine and very willing to help people, and also to assist them to understand the process…all in a very accessible way. I look forward to Tina’s next presentation and I am considering doing some personal work with her as well.
– womentwowomen

Tina is a proficient and talented EFT practitioner. Rarely have I experienced a 3 hour workshop packed with so much information delivered in such an inspiring and attention riveting way. More importantly, I’ve never experienced a workshop of this length where the leader was able to tap into old wounds and begin individual and tailored healing processes for at least a full third of the participants. Tina is truly gifted and insightful enabling her to zero in quickly and fine tune the healing messages quickly and accurately. Working with her will touch your heart and heal your spirit. Check out one of her workshops you’ll be happy you did!

I just finished several sessions with EFT practitioner, Tina Marian. I went to her with a specific issue to work on and came away with the tools to clear any issue I have with immediate success, not just the issue I originally had. I find EFT a tool to use each day and in any place. I’ve used EFT in the ladies room at work before presenting at meetings and in the airport to relieve anxiety about flying and crowds. What I like best is practicing EFT before bed and when I get up in the morning. Literally 5 minutes of my time to work on and let go of a few negative core issues and beliefs that have been keeping me back for years! For me, EFT is like a gate that I have pushed open so I can continue my journey in a more positive, productive and successful way. Tina made using EFT feel natural and the scripts were specific to me. I found her extremely easy to work with and she has the ability to get to the real issue immediately so you don’t waste any time. Thank you Tina!!!

I thought the information was presented very well. Tina is an engaging speaker and her enthusiasm toward her craft was very evident. It was neat to hear from someone with first-hand experience in the medical profession speak to alternative treatment options other than drugs. What really came through was Tina’s obvious concern for hurting people and her drive to pull the core issue her clients may be dealing with in order overcome obstacles to reach their optimum health. Very informative and fun!


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